About AFC

We at AFC Freight Forwarders International LLC, are working with an experience of over thirty years in this business field.

We do exactly know what matters for our international forwarding and logistics customers and therefore we are entirely equipped to meet their requirements in an on time,precise and efficient fashion.

"Saving time and money, keeping our customers satisfied. That’s what a Freight Exchange is all about."

At its simplest, an online freight exchange matches freight with available vehicle space.Similarly freight forwarders can offer freight for transportation,or search for suitable vehicles.

For example, you have received a customer request to transport goods from Phoenix to Dallas in The States or from Rotterdam to Milan in Europe.But you do not have any freight for the return trip.How can you avoid these costly empty runs ?

Therefore, you could offer your freight and vehicles to us that’s going to be the quickest and easiest way to optimize your freight turnover and vehicle capacity.