Some of our achievements in the past are shown as hereunder -

- Transport of containerized goods from Turkish ports to The U.S Army in Baghdad and Basrah/Iraq
- Transport of oil rigs from Arbil in Northern Iraq to Mersin/Turkey and afterwards to Houston/Texas
   USA by ocean.
- Transport (chartering vessels) of bulk rice from The U.S to Turkey and distributing the rice in
   Mediterranean countries chartering feeder vessels.
- Transport of General Cargoes an average of 1500 teu containerized goods to a variety of
   destinations in Iraq.
- Transport of oil drilling rigs from Turkish ports to Azerbaijan.
- Transport of trucks from Izmir/Turkey to Tbilisi/Georgia.
- Transport of prefabricated housing units from UK and central Europe all the way down to Nato/Isaf
   allied forces in Afghanistan.
- Transport of general cargoes from Uzbekistan to Gaziantep/Istanbul and Mersin in Turkey
- Transport of mechanical spare parts and other instruments for CocaCola in Erbil,Northern Iraq from
   Frankfurt/Germany to Istanbul by air and through Turkey by land.
- Transport of (chartering airplane) military supplies from Jordan to Kosovo for Nato.
- Transport of other military instruments from Turkey to Jordan and Canada