International Home Moving

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Internationally Insured Move Services

AFC’s home moving experts have been providing International home moving and removal services for over 30 years. Our team of experts has over 100 years combined experience in moving your household goods and personal effects safely and economically. We are one of only a few professional freight forwarding companies who have the skills and expertise in dealing direct with private clients. By using our commercial shipping and forwarding knowledge and expertise, we are able to offer some of the most competitive rates available to over 5,000 worldwide destinations, ports and cities.

For overseas home moving and removal services for private clients, we ship your possessions on the world's most reliable shipping lines offering the fastest and safest transit times available to most worldwide locations.

We use our expertise and our unique packing systems to get your goods shipped and delivered on-time, safely and fully insured for the journey.

TURKEY – with its nature and history-embroidered southern coastal lines and rivieras on the Mediterranean, history-filled Anatolian peninsula, gorgeous mountain resorts on the black sea, world heritages in south eastern Turkey fairy chimneys of central Anatolia and cradle of all civilizations – in a nutshell, Turkey: we got it covered, we got all points covered in Turkey.
Primarily our professional services in Turkey focus on Turkey’s hot spots at Aegean and Mediterranean coasts: Kusadasi, Didim, Bodrum, Marmaris, Dalyan, Fethiye, Kalkan, Antalya, Alanya. We also do handle moves in the rest of Turkey and Northern Cyprus with the rest of Cyprus.
GREECE – imbued in natural beauties on mainland and the thousands of islands, you breathe more than this – you breathe the blend of modern days and the ancient era. This marvelous country falls into our working scope as well. There exists thousands of Greek islands and islets in the Aegean sea and these magnificent vacation spots are serviced by us.

Primarily Crete and Rhodes are where we do handle regular moves in and out.

Whether you are moving your household belongings across the street, coast to coast or around the world, you can trust AFC Home Movers International LLC to take care of every detail. So let us make it simple and worry-free for you. We will be happy to provide an initial quotation for moving to another country and have tremendous experience regarding the pros & cons of moving our clients' belongings to destinations across mainland Europe to/from Turkey or overseas. Our moving experts will perform an in-house visual survey of your household goods and create a detailed list of items to be transported. The survey will also help us determine specific packing and special handling material and requirements of the more sensitive items that may require a little “extra special care” and attention. With over three decades of industry service, AFC Home Movers has established an impeccable reputation for honesty, integrity and outstanding quality service. Our crews are well trained, sensitive to customer needs and friendly. That is just one of the many reasons why from over three decades customers incrementally keep coming back to AFC Home Movers: “The Movers with Worry-Proof Performances”.